It all started when...

Since 2001, Krupp Group has provided personalized public relations, media relations, and brand-building services to a range of distinguished fashion, jewelry, accessories, and lifestyle clients. In our world, meaningful connections—from readers and users to communities and companies—is the very foundation of all that we do. Having recognized long ago that brand awareness extends far beyond just PR, Krupp Group assembled to address the expanding and changing needs of modern lifestyle clients—and deliver unparalleled, customized service to brands with a strong point of difference. From exclusive events and game-changing projects to long-term brand awareness and extensive media growth, Krupp Group has a powerful reputation in the media world for providing uncommon problem-solving and a personally tailored strategy that focuses on what really counts in growing a business and memorable brand. Targeting all channels of communication—including social, online, and print media—Krupp Group immerses itself into each and every client’s workings and narrative in order to carve a path and program that will perform and stand apart on every level.




Cindy Krupp has more than 15 years working in various channels of public relations and media relations. Prior to launching the Krupp Group, she oversaw the public relations department at Barneys New York. It was there that she began her passion for launching high-end designer brands and working closely with talent to conceive smart and compelling strategies. While the experience was gratifying, she wanted to explore a deeper relationship with these designers, continuing to assist them in building their brands and businesses beyond the launch phase. Krupp Group was founded with this approach in mind, that a small and highly qualified team of media professionals led by Cindy would address every aspect of a burgeoning brand’s growth—from inception and site branding to sales and marketing. It is Cindy’s belief that great and effective PR never ends, only changes and adapts to the client’s needs, desires, and dreams.