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Social influence is the new currency of brand relevance and its power brokers are the aspirational, digitally-savvy trendsetters and content creators who are the very audience you’re trying to reach. In this brave new world, brands who recognize the power of influencer marketing are rewarded with real engagement, deeper consumer connections and compelling, story-driven content that drives all the other parts their marketing effort. Our customized influencer solutions include comprehensive strategy, creative concepting, identifying the right influencer talent for you and working with them to develop campaigns that align with and elevate your brand in the most authentic way possible. Our job doesn’t finish once the content is complete, either. We execute on proactive distribution strategies that not only meet engagement goals but also drive bottom line objectives so you can realize the full value of your influencer investment.



“The beauty of digital media today is it provides brands with an opportunity to have a direct dialogue with their consumer. The challenge of digital media today is you need to nail that dialogue every single time.” CK

In an “always-on” and always changing consumer world, our digital team of experts is dedicated to garnering attention for our brands online, while keeping their fingers on the pulse and their eye on the ball for shifts within the digital landscape. Our brands come to us to identify the business areas requiring the immediate lift and awareness that digital and social media can deliver. With goals and metrics in place, we devise strategies and select platforms that address those needs. Understanding that online media is a moving target, we are able to then adapt the strategy and internal business practices quickly and accordingly, allowing us to not just drive the now, but also, the next. Our capabilities include digital media outreach for product placement and publicity, social channel auditing and best practices training, community management, and ad buys (social and Google SEM).



There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all PR plan, so we work closely with our clients to create customized strategies that align with their business goals and stay true to their brand. The media turns to Krupp Group for brilliant ideas and service they can depend on. When we pitch a story or deliver a product, they know it’ll be fresh, newsworthy and timely. We’re in daily contact with a vast network of top editors, stylists, journalists, bloggers, producers and freelance contributors to secure our brands placements in everything from national print publications and online media to entertainment weeklies and television. Our relentless commitment to work with brands we genuinely believe in has garnered us serious street cred with media and helped fortify the outstanding industry relationships we have today.



With showrooms in New York and Los Angeles, we offer a range of personalized VIP and celebrity services. Keeping brand objectives at the forefront of our strategies, we use our extensive network of contacts to connect our brands with the right celebrities to increase their visibility and interest among a targeted group of influencers. Our capabilities include celebrity and influencer dressing, gifting, paid dressing opportunities, paid social media posts, collaborations and endorsement deals, celebrity editorial outreach, and celebrity event wrangling. Our brands are consistently spotted everywhere, from the red carpet to LAX.

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From collection launches and store openings to Fashion Week shows and seasonal press previews, we are well-versed event marketers, able to manage the many moving parts required to make an event a worthy investment for our brands. In addition to working with clients to identify the optimal timing, concept and experience, our capabilities include outreach (invitations, media attendance, press coverage, etc.), vendor sourcing, sponsorships, talent wrangling, digital integration, front-of-house duties, and a wide range of other PR and support services to provide exclusive brand experiences and optimal results for our clients.

We recognize events can quickly become a costly expense, therefore only when we truly see the value in such an investment do we advise. We are constantly asking ourselves, “What’s the ROI?” on any event initiative. Our strong industry network is, arguably, most utilized for client events, allowing us to be resourceful and stay within the budget while creating a perfectly unique and well-attended experience.



Our deep industry knowledge and connections make us ideal partners for any number of brand-building activities that can be further amplified through press and digital platforms. From brand collaborations and charity partnerships to sponsorship opportunities and competitions such as CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and the International Woolmark Prize, our brand development services include creative concepting and consulting, award submissions, project management, and tactical execution whenever it’s required.

Today, the consumer is savvier than ever before. They want to be engaged by a brand’s authentic message and see what’s behind the curtains once they’re drawn. Sometimes, however, when you are inside your own bubble, it can be very challenging to identify exactly where you need the support to get it right. With over two decades of experience in the business, Cindy Krupp understands what the luxury consumer needs, and works one-on-one with executives at business-critical crossroads to refine their products and brands before launching communications activities. Our consulting capabilities include pre-launch or re-launch strategic planning (particularly relevant for global brands entering the U.S. market), recruitment support and talent vetting for brands repositioning or hiring a new designer or creative director, retail strategy, sales showroom selection, rebranding and all high-level decision-making that could benefit from Cindy’s honesty, resourcefulness and unmatched expertise.