Public Relations

Public Relations is so much more than just great product placement. Our brand of PR seeks to bring an image, persona, or lifestyle to life through well-chosen and effective media channels. At Krupp Group, we are proud of our ability to build brand awareness through our public relations efforts. We work closely with each client to gain a firm understanding of their goals, and then plot the course to attain them. Thoughtful product placement is key for great coverage in the right media outlets, including global websites, social media platforms, national magazines, regional newspapers, and of course, television.


Digital Media

Websites and blogs are a very powerful and viral form of media for press exposure. Our in-house team creates customized digital strategies for our clients that reach a wide range of audiences, as well as provides special counsel with online promotional programs and social outreach.



Brand Consulting

Whether it’s product or packaging design, retail environment, category expansion, designer collaborations, charity alliances, or selecting the face of a brand, the experienced team at Krupp Group is available to consult, advise, and assemble the top team to execute your branding needs.


Brand Alliances

There are many facets of creating a brand that’s built to last and evolve organically. Aligning with the right partners is an essential part of brand positioning and building an identity from an authentic place. Through the years, we’ve built an extensive arsenal of relationships with private label manufacturers, licensing partners, TV producers, and expert marketing companies. With a mindful approach and a discriminating eye, we’re able to connect our clients with the right opportunities for their brand. This provides them with a chance to expand their consumer base, ultimately presenting new revenue streams.

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Celebrity Exposure

We live in a celebrity obsessed culture, but not all celebrity exposure is fortifying and appropriate for every brand. Because of this, we go to great lengths to use our extensive network of contacts to connect the right brands with the right celebrities



We are seasoned in all aspects of event production. Whether your event is a store opening for 800 or a downtown dinner for 20, Krupp Group gives immaculate attention to the details all while ensuring the brand DNA remains true



Fashion Shows

Krupp Group provides front-of-house services for fashion shows and brand presentations of any size.Venue selection

  • Guest list creation
  • RSVP tracking
  • Seating chart
  • Front of house check in and greeting
  • VIP management
  • Pre/post show press
  • Manage all interviews & photographers
  • Sponsorship outreach